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TORQ Philosophy

TORQ is a Fitness Consultancy. It always has been and always will be. Our roots are firmly entrenched in Fitness Consultancy, Coaching and Mountain Biking and this we believe provides us with our unique edge and integrity. We have developed our range of performance nutrition products, including our prominent range of Energy Bars and Drinks, through a need to offer the highest standard of support to the athletes we work with. We critically analyse every product on the market and take on board their best features – and then improve upon them – every little detail - without compromise. We ask our clients which types of products they prefer to use and continually develop and perfect our range. We hope that the comprehensive nature of this e-brochure is testament to this.

Mountain Biking is as gruelling an endurance sport as any other. Our products are used by elite-level Cross Country racers, Downhillers and 24-hour soloists (yes, people who ride their bikes for 24 hours without stopping) and we sponsor and manage our own Mountain Bike Race Team. We have to be clear about this though. You don’t have to be a Mountain Biker to benefit from TORQ. Our products are used extensively in Triathlon and Road Racing. They have been up Everest and to the North Pole. They have been used by British Firefighters and also at the highest level of Football and Motorsport in the UK. The principles of sports nutrition hold true for any branch of endurance sport – if you have an endurance goal, TORQ is there to help you achieve it.

We have uncompromising standards, yet we also have a conscience. We absolutely refuse to use ingredients that are not derived from a NATURAL source, or don’t naturally occur within the human body. We are firmly of the opinion that artificial ingredients like sweeteners offer no performance advantage can cause stomach discomfort and could potentially harm your health long term. We see no point in including them. Advanced compounds like D-Ribose, HMB and L-Glutamine naturally occur within the human body and represent some of the most potent supplements available on the market today, so why would we want to use anything artificial? Every ingredient we use is included to the levels recommended by available research. We do not cut corners and do not accept compromise.

We don’t just stock our own products though; we will get behind and support any product we believe to be of benefit to the endurance athlete. This is why we stock Powertap for instance, a remarkable bicycle hub that provides power (wattage) feedback to the cyclist. A technology we have supported since its conception and one that is now rapidly becoming ‘standard kit issue’ to any serious competitive cyclist.

TORQ Energy Bars

Whatever your sport, our power packed sports nutrition is the ideal way to fuel your performance and replace lost energy. Suitable for Vegans and made with fairly traded fruit, our energy bars come in five exciting flavours. These are: Tangy Apricot; Sundried Banana; Raspberry and Apple; Pineapple and Ginger; and Organic Mango (certified by the Soil Association organic standard). If you are unsure as to which flavour to go for, we offer mixed box packs with all four flavours. Our bars come in boxes of 24 with special offers available if more than one box is purchased. Sample packs are also available.

TORQ Energy Drinks

Formulated for liquid refreshment and replenishment and containing only natural ingredients with no colourings, artificial sweeteners and preservatives, TORQ's energy drinks are the natural choice. Our drinks contains a 2:1 Maltodextrin:Fructose blend for optimal carbohydrate release* as well as all five electrolytes and are light on the stomach. Natural flavours include: Natural Pink Grapefruit; Natural Lime and Lemon; Natural Orange; Natural Lemon; and Natural Unflavoured Organic (certified by the Soil Association organic standard). Our drinks are available in a re-usable sachet, called a ‘Single Measure’ or in two different tub sizes. There are also price breaks on bulk orders on this website. Once again, our energy drinks are suitable for Vegans and sample packs are also available.

TORQ Energy Gels

Like the energy drinks, our TORQ energy gels are formulated to a 2:1 Maltodextrin:Fructose blend for optimal carbohydrate release*. Once again, we only use natural flavours, no colours or artificial sweeteners. Natural flavours include: Strawberry Yoghurt; Black Cherry Yoghurt; Orange & Banana; Forest Fruits (with Guarana); and Banoffee (with Guarana). Guarana is a natural caffeine-containing extract and both the Forest Fruits and Banoffee gels deliver 89mg of caffeine – more than a double espresso. Once again, our energy gels are suitable for Vegans and are available in mixed boxes and sample packs.

TORQ Recovery Drinks

It isn’t unusual for a recovery drink to contain a 3:1 Carbohydrate:Protein formulation, because after all, there is a plethora of research suggesting that this is the correct blend. It is slightly more unusual to find one that uses Whey Protein, the most bio-available protein and even more unusual to find a recovery product containing D-Ribose, HMB and L-Glutamine. If a product were to get this close to perfection, it would definitely fall at the last hurdle by not including the levels of these potent nutrients recommended by research due to the cost involved. TORQ recovery is a truly amazing product and once again, there isn’t a single ingredient within its formulation that isn’t either derived from a natural source or doesn’t naturally occur within the human body. Natural flavours include: Chocolate Orange; Banana & Mango; and Strawberries & Cream. This product is NOT suitable for Vegans, but is suitable for vegetarians.

Delivery of TORQ’s energy products to the UK’s mainland destinations is FREE from this website with no hidden extras, and should arrive in 1 - 3 working days. So, please take a look around this site and find out more about the products and services we offer. We hope you will be as excited about them as we are. For quick reference, please download either of the following PDF’s:

Matt Hart, Director.

* Research has proven that a 2:1 Maltodextrin:Fructose formulation will delivery 40% more carbohydrate than Maltodextin only or Maltodextrin:Glucose formulations. Currently there is no known blend of carbohydrates that will deliver energy this quickly. Research-proven 2:1 Maltodextrin:Fructose formulation for 40% greater carbohydrate delivery. Wallis et al (2005). Oxidation of Combined Ingestion of Maltodextrins and Fructose during Exercise. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise.

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